Animal Pleasure Sixth

[FLASH] Animal Pleasure Sixth

Release : Dec/29/2013

Animal Pleasure Sixth

A work on the theme of the bestiali-ty with large dog, cart horse (percheron) and elephant.
An adventure in a picture-card show style with sound effects and voice.
Plus 20 base images, total 208 images including variations and extra.
Mostly in 1024x768 size.

The main story is fully voiced by Milk and comes with sound effects and BGM.

English-translated version is created with the help from Suzu.

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Pig Hole -Horny Livestock Breeder-

[3D FLASH] Pig Hole -Horny Livestock Breeder-

Release : Jun/29/2012

Pig Hole -Horny Livestock Breeder-



Spectacular acts of obscenity between young girl and animal.

Warning: bestiali-ty and gangbang
* Some scat (can be turned ON/OFF)

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