[FLASH] Osana na Jiri -Gimic Low Mizu-

[FLASH] Osana na Jiri -Gimic Low Mizu-

Manga that plays like a movie! Full color full voice motion comic!
3x works (Loli + Clothes + Anal) erotic manga from popular creator Mizu.

-Ana no Toriko-
There's a rumor about a mysterious hole in the park toilet.
What's lurking inside? A ghost? A molester?
Curious little Momoko finds out.

-Sugar Spot-
Oniisan comes to tutor the little girl as usual.
But, today's not studying, it's maniac anal play...

-The Secret Truth-
Keisuke the anal fetishist has an embarrassing request for Miki.
She's freaked out, but if it's for Keisuke...

Triple pack of special titles!

* Cast (CV)
Jun Ooba / Yuina / Maachi Hazuki / Richi Yuzuki /
Tomoki Shimada / Yasuhara Tomono

* Customization
Toggle ON/OFF male voice, female voice, BGM
Hands free auto mode & movie looping manual mode built in
(Easy one-touch controls) (Space Key)
Other controls almost entirely keyboard controllable

Compatible with both Windows and Mac (OSX)

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