[Hentai Video] Masochistic Wrestling

* Synopsis

< Overview >
When you go to work in setting up a ring of women's pro wrestling, things go wrong
and you end up fighting in the ring!? Slideshow style movie work where you'll
be teased sadistically & erotically.

Also includes an epilogue story "Masochistic wrestling [Skunk Flavor]"
of which main focus is farting plays, for fart fetishists!

< Situations >
Intense play with a project manager Yume-san in the waiting room!
Mainly shows licking titjob and assjob.
[Skunk Flavor] bonus (as voluminous as can't be just referred as "bonus"!)
includes fierce farting plays as well!!

Lopsided violence play with a wrestler Saori-san!
Hip attack, denki-anma (crotch stomping) and then finishes with face sitting! (no fart)

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[Hentai RPG] Ponpoko Bitch Yae

[Hentai RPG] Ponpoko Bitch Yae

* Synopsis

Long long ago...
A raccoon dog woman grew wise and powerful after a century of life
and gathered young men from villages nearby to make feasts...
But when a very high-ranked monk heard about it, he sealed
the raccoon dog woman into a pot to be enshrined...

This myth has been told across generations in Wa.
In a place called "Marsha" that is far from Wa, the pot sounds...

"Where am I? I have no idea...
But there are lots of young people out there...
Anyway I got to play here for a while."

Unleashed from centuries of sleep, the lewd raccoon dog lady Yae
sets out on her erotic adventurer to save the town(?)!!

* H Scenes
15 base CG! Over 30 scenes total!
Both winning and losing are followed by corresponding H scenes (with few exceptions)!
Let's go through events in the town and unlock H scenes!

* Supplications
Unique people in the town will ask her to do many things!
Sometimes their requests are erotic...

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[FLASH] BoinLocker

[FLASH] BoinLocker


Get it with Lingerie Combo!! Aim for Attack Of The Bra-Buster!!

In this game, you change lingerie into stars to collect them at once,
where lingerie floats in the air powered by a physics engine.

Stars you get become your erection power, that deals damage to bra strings.

When bra strings break, Attack Of The Bra-Buster takes place
and everything (including swimsuit) will be blown away.

This game is kind of hard to explain, but I think you can get used to this game as you play.

A gamepad is recommended but can be controlled with a keyboard too.
(seems hard with a keyboard but might be still easy)

1280x720 window resolution

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[Hentai Video] シークレットフィルム 高嶺の花の後日談

[Hentai Video] シークレットフィルム 高嶺の花の後日談










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