Onesans Do "Anything"

[Hentai Game] Onesans Do "Anything" <3

Release : Nov/12/2016

Onesans Do "Anything"

Summer vacation.
While his parents are gone, his sexy neighbors come to housesit and babysit.
His schedule in their hands: dinner, bathtime, bedtime.
From the moment he wakes up to the moment he falls asleep,
the onesans are duty-bound to take good care of him. Who knows what'll happen!

1280x720 screen size
Binaural voice acting - of course the girls are fully voiced!
Cosplay erotica - that little extra topping for when vanilla's not enough
Animation included
Bonus CGs with cosplay-specific dialogue text

"Why... why is this happening to me!?"

You wake up to an empty house and a note on the table. It reads:

"Dear Son,
Sorry for the sudden news, while your mom and I are gone we've asked
your old friends next door Saki-chan and Ai-chan to take care of you!
Good chance to get to know those cuties better. Don't waste it!
Love, Dad"

ADV novel

Kasumi Yomogi as Saki Sagara
Kaname Shirotsuki as Ai Kurawaki

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