[FLASH] Pure Idol 2 - Moaning in Pain Doing the Splits

[FLASH] Pure Idol 2 - Moaning in Pain Doing the Splits

"Pure Idol 2" is the 8th title in the @OZ's Heroine Corvette Series.
This time our 3DCG video technology presents scenes where
a beautiful idol faintly moans in a skintight leotard.

* When she made a mistake in a group dance, she was scolded and
ended up taking a face-to-face ballet lesson given by a dubious coach.
While doing the splits, its intolerable pain makes her cry out.
Then, as her legs are wide open, the dance coach's
fingers start approaching her crotch and......

As bonus content, [Smartphone Optimized Video] is included in this product.
You can enjoy this work anytime anywhere with your smartphone.
* Please note that Movie Select & Editing function are disabled in Smartphone Optimized Video.

* The pure idol falls prey to a dirty-minded dance coach in a private lesson in a locked room.
Although she begs for his forgiveness, the coach doesn't stop spreading her legs.
When he starts to titillate her clitoris over her leotard, she strongly refuses it but
pleasures from frictions between the leotard and her clitoris and nipples forcibly
bring an ecstasy to her. Throughout his lesson, with all of her attempts to resist
pressed down, she is continuously violated and finally gets orgasms by his massive cumshot...

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