[FLASH] She Falls to a Perverted Bastard [English Ver.]

[FLASH] She Falls to a Perverted Bastard [English Ver.]

My childhood friend was stolen away from me by a perverted bastard...
But that was only the beginning of her fall. By the time I realized, it was all too late...

(An ADV containing NTR and scenes from the heroine's perspective)

* Contains Multiple (Bad) Endings / Reminiscence Mode


Oblivious to the truth, the protagonist blindly sits on
his 'childhood friend' pedestal basking in self-conceit.

To fill a gap in her heart, she seeks the warmth of others
...and is abused and exploited by strangers in return.

Yet nonetheless, she is happy to know that someone 'needs' her...

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[Nagai Ham] Collection (17 in 1)

[Nagai Ham] Collection (17 in 1)

Небольшая коллекция работ цикла Nagai Ham. Цветная и ч/б манга. 17 наборов CG.

Genre: Rape, Incest, School Girls, Lolicon, Huge Breasts, Ryona, Group Sex, Ahegao.

Size: 445 Mb
973 pic.

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