[FLASH] Pink Parka Pleasure

[FLASH] Pink Parka Pleasure

Near the trash heaps in the alleyways of the midnight city,
delinquents and criminals gather to cause trouble...
However, little did they know,
that individuals with time and power known as DESPERADA (violent girls)
blended into the night to hunt down wrong-doers.
"Man, no matter how many we hunt there's so much scum in this city
My name is 'Parka girl the Breaker'
I work as a sort of volunteer, to hunt down the human garbage here.
You can call me 'The Breaker.'"

A one-hand playing style using just a mouse!
If you defeat the violent girls in combat, it's time to r*pe them!
Most play can be done with
Left Click OR Right Click to finish.
Click different places and enjoy!

12 base CG - 25 pages
Other / Animations
Save function included

* All CG can be viewed freely from the included folder.

- Includes voiced H scenes
CV: "Fighting girl 2 - CV Yuki Miyasak ver."

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