[3D Game] Guilty Hell: White Goddess and the City of Zombies

[3D Game] Guilty Hell: White Goddess and the City of Zombies

Production: KAIRI SOFT

An adult side scroll action game!
The pure goddess is violated by monsters, zombies, and humans!
From gang banging, lesbians, and more!

The dark magician VIVI and the army of the dead attacked the fairy forest.
To save the captured fairies, they summoned the goddess "Airi."
What Airi saw on the human battle field was...?

- 60+ enemies!
- 300+ types of erotic scenes!
- Over 2+ hours and 250+ types of audio just for the protagonist!
- Highly perfected H animations!

Protagonist & Scenarios:
- A cool, pure, and kind protagonist
- Easy functions and cool combos!
- Beautiful and cute NPCs! H scenes included!
- 70k+ text count for scenarios!
- H event for some boss battle defeats!
- Other special H events included...!?

- A free roaming investigation style map!
- Designation display system!
- Warp to different save points!
- Lots of post-completion playability!
- English and Chinese (Standard / Traditional) compatible!

Size : 3343 Mb

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