Prison Gunrape

[FLASH] Prison Gunrape

Prison Gunrape

Prison GunrapePrison GunrapePrison Gunrape

When a riot suddenly breaks out in a prison, an idol is set upon by the inmates and violated... the highlight scene is done all in 30 frame per second smooth motion AE animation!

* Threesome, foursome, group fellatio, group bukkake... the inmates having their way with idol swarm! Swarm! Swarm!
* When the inmates cum, the idol is totally filled with the huge amount pouring into her!
* And then.... the time comes for the idol to deliver......

Size : 206 Mb


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Ichigo666 26 ноября 2010 04:00
Somebody can me re-upload these two games,who of the same circle, was before on the site :

Mama mo Ano ko mo Seidorei
(Mom and that girl are sex slaves) :


Bonyu Kangofu - Inko Byoshitsu

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