[FLASH] Bloodlust: Cerene - Royal Descent

[FLASH] Bloodlust: Cerene - Royal Descent

The story of Bloodlust:
Cerene continues with a twist in another chapter: Royal Descent. In this new installment Prince Tristan has been dispatched, leaving the vampire Cerene and Duchess Sophia alone together… Sounds like the perfect setup for a little sweet talk, holding hands, and… Well, not really. Cerene has a better idea: use her magic to transform into a dickgirl and fuck Sophia into next week with a 14.9 inch cock. And while Sophia might seem a little bashful about the whole thing, she’s eager to explore her most deviant desires. Watch the trailer to find out just how this cute this pair are!

Duchess Sophia
As Duchess Sophia watched her betrothed ride off into the wilderness, she considered the possibility that she may never see him again. Without him, her straight shot at the crown would vanish, and worse than that, her beloved kingdom would plunge deeper into political chaos. Fortunately for Sophia she did see Prince Tristan again… balls deep in vampire pussy. Out of her comfort zone —and her clothes — Sophia is caught off guard both by Tristan’s infidelity and the desire she feels between her legs from watching it. Will she regain enough of her composure to match wits with Cerene, or will the vampire render her speechless?

Vampire Cerene
Cerene’s interest in Sophia is one of simple pleasure. Leading a clan of immortal, self-interested vampires doesn’t demand much of one’s time, so spying on Tristan and his lover over the years served as occasional entertainment for Cerene. In that time, she came to know Sophia as an outwardly prudish girl hiding many deviant desires. Now, with the Duchess in her company and the prince well spent, the vampiress is ready to turn her attention to Sophia’s wet pussy. Cerene knows what Sophia has been missing, and it’s time she experienced what it’s like to be fucked by a vampire.

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