Violated Hero IV -ANOTHER STORY-


Violated Hero IV -ANOTHER STORY-

Release : Apr/25/2014

Violated Hero IV -ANOTHER STORY-Violated Hero IV -ANOTHER STORY-Violated Hero IV -ANOTHER STORY-

* This product can be played standalone.

* Story
A world under control of the evil Empress.
You vow to return freedom to the people by conquering the conquerors...
but you are a mere and powerless human.

With the help of Lilith, your succubus friend, and other recruited monster girls
you are able to defeat the Empress... once.

But it's a victory thanks to the enemy, and when the monster girls revolt
you're set back to square one. The world remains under their control.

In your quest have learned about a human colony where monster girls
"do various things" (wink) to the residents.

With the (ecchi) adventure behind you, days of lust follow...

* An additional story for fans of Violated Hero IV (RE127132)!
Go on a new adventure with Lilith the Succubus.
Starring monster girls created by popular vote.

Venture once more into the hell of reverse rape!

Base CGs: 7

Size : 591 Mb

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