Tosatsu Fantasia -The Peeping Tom Who

[Hentai Game] Tosatsu Fantasia -The Peeping Tom Who Would Be King-

Tosatsu Fantasia -The Peeping Tom Who

Release : May/28/2014

Tosatsu Fantasia -The Peeping Tom WhoTosatsu Fantasia -The Peeping Tom WhoTosatsu Fantasia -The Peeping Tom Who

* A peeping tom is summoned to the world of Fantasia!?
His camera reveals the secrets of the castle!

* Everyone has a naughty side, even the pure princess!
Learning each girl's secret will pave the way for opportunity.

Morio Kaga was sneaking past security
to peep on the girls' dormitory as usual
when he slipped and fell down a steep cliff.

When he woke up he was in a stonewall room.
He spoke with a pointy-eared girl who explained
she was an elf and a magician.
Morio had been conjured by her magic.

......Magic? ......Elf? ......Conjured?

In a state of confusion he left the room.
Outside was the greater castle in a sprawling fantasy world
complete with a princess, swordswoman, priestess, jester...
just like in the books. And everyone was beautiful!

"Awesome!" thought Morio, but it was a fleeting joy.
He was locked back inside a room where he was not
to be released except for toilet breaks.

In the dirty prison-like quarters Morio thought about his one possession:
the camera that had been conjured with him.
"If I can catch these girls doing something bad, maybe I can use it..."

Using modern day peeping techniques,
Morio set about capturing the secrets of Fantasia!


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